Troubleshooting Tips for Fixing Outlook Email Not Updating Automatically

  • March 20, 2023
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Are you frustrated with your Outlook email not updating automatically? It can be frustrating when you rely on your emails to run your business or communicate with important contacts. Fortunately, there are several troubleshooting tips that can help resolve this issue and make sure you never miss an important message again. In this blog post, we will dive into some of the common causes of Outlook email not updating and provide practical solutions to get it working seamlessly. So buckle up and let’s fix that pesky problem!


If you’re using Microsoft Outlook to manage your email, you may have noticed that new messages don’t always appear in your inbox automatically. This can be frustrating, especially if you depend on Outlook for work or other important communications. Luckily, there are a few troubleshooting tips you can try to get Outlook updating your inbox more reliably.

First, check your Outlook settings to make sure that the “Check for new messages every minutes” option is set to a reasonable interval (we recommend no more than 5-10 minutes). If this setting is too low, it can put a strain on your computer’s resources and cause new messages to take longer to appear. Conversely, if the interval is set too high, you may miss important messages.

Another potential issue could be with the email server you’re using. If you’re not able to receive new messages even after adjusting your Outlook settings, contact your email service provider and make sure they’re not experiencing any technical difficulties that could be preventing new messages from being delivered to your inbox.

Finally, if you’re still having trouble getting Outlook to update automatically, try restarting the program. This will close any open connections and potentially allow for a fresh start that could resolve the issue.

If none of these troubleshooting tips solve the problem, there could be a more serious issue at play. In this case, we recommend seeking help from a professional technician who can diagnose and fix any underlying problems with your Outlook configuration.

Causes of Outlook Email Not Updating Automatically

One of the most common reasons why Outlook not updating automatically is because the email server is down. If this is the case, you will need to wait until the server is back up and running before you can access your email.

If Outlook emails are not updating automatically, it could be because your account has been locked by the service provider. This could occur if you have been inactive too long or violated the terms of service. To unlock the account, contact the service provider.

If Outlook email is not updating automatically, it could also be due to a problem with your computer’s connection to the internet. This can be caused by a number of things, including a weak or intermittent internet connection, firewalls, or security software that is blocking outgoing connections.

Troubleshooting Steps for Fixing Outlook Email That’s Not Updating

If your Outlook is not updating automatically, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the problem.

Ensure that the email account is set up to check for new messages automatically. Open Outlook and open the File tab. Select Account Settings, then choose the email account in question. In the Change settings for this account section, make sure the box next to Check for new messages every minutes is ticked and that the interval is set to a reasonable amount of time such as 5 minutes.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, try removing and re-adding the email account. To do this, go to the File tab in Outlook and click on Account Settings again. This time, select the email account and click Remove. Then close out of the Account Settings window and restart Outlook. When prompted, add your email account back in using the same settings as before.

Still having trouble? Try disabling any antivirus or security software you have running on your computer as these can sometimes interfere with Outlook’s ability to check for new messages. If all else fails, you can always contact 3citcians support for help troubleshooting your issue.

How to Make Outlook Update Emails Automatically

If you’re using Microsoft Outlook for your email and your emails aren’t updating automatically, it can be frustrating. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you get your emails updating automatically again.

First, make sure that the option for Outlook to update emails automatically is turned on. To do this, go to Outlook’s File menu and select Options. Then, select the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Send/Receive section. Make sure the box next to “Update Folder List Automatically when Opening Microsoft Outlook” is checked.

Check if you have any email accounts configured in Outlook if the option is already enabled but you‘re not seeing your emails update automatically. To do this, go to the File menu again and select Account Settings. If you don’t see any email accounts listed here, that means you don’t have any set up and you won’t be able to receive or send any emails in Outlook until you set one up.

Once you’ve verified that you do have at least one email account set up in Outlook, the next step is to check your internet connection. If your computer is connected to the internet but Outlook isn’t updating your emails, there might be a problem with your firewall or proxy server settings. To check these settings, go to the Tools menu in Outlook and select Accounts Settings again. Then click on Change Proxy Settings under Email Accounts. This will open up Internet Explorer’s Internet Options dialog

Other Common Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

If your Outlook email isn’t updating automatically, there are a few troubleshooting tips you can try to get it working again. First, make sure that the option to “Check for new mail every x minutes” is enabled in your account settings. If it is, then try increasing the interval to see if that helps. You can also try disabling any email filters you have enabled, as they may be preventing new messages from being downloaded. Finally, if all else fails, you can try deleting and re-adding your Outlook account to see if that fixes the problem.

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Troubleshooting Outlook email in order to get it to update automatically is not a difficult task. You can quickly fix any problems and enjoy the ease of having your emails updated automatically without needing manual input. Taking the necessary precautions like updating Windows regularly, ensuring that you have current antivirus software installed and disabling suspicious add-ins will ensure that Outlook continues to work effectively for all of your needs.


1. Why is my Outlook email not updating automatically?

Answer: Several factors can contribute to this issue. It could be related to your Outlook settings, network connectivity, or server problems. To resolve it, consider checking your email account settings, verifying your internet connection, and confirming that your email server is functioning correctly.

2. How do I get my Outlook email to automatically update?

Answer: To ensure your Outlook emails update automatically, follow these steps:

  • Check your Outlook account settings to enable automatic updates.
  • Ensure a stable internet connection.
  • Verify that your firewall or security software isn’t blocking Outlook’s data traffic.
  • Adjust your update interval to a reasonable time frame.

3. Why are my Outlook emails not showing up in my inbox?

Answer: Emails may not appear in your inbox due to various reasons, such as:

  • Incorrect email account settings.
  • Email filters diverting messages to other folders.
  • Server issues or delays.
  • Network connectivity problems. To address this, review your account settings, check email filters, and ensure your internet connection is stable.

4. Why don’t my emails update automatically?

Answer: Automatic email updates can be disrupted by factors like firewall settings, server downtime, or incorrect Outlook configurations. To troubleshoot, consider disabling firewall or security software, checking your server’s status, and verifying your Outlook settings for automatic updates.

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