How to Solve Outlook Not Syncing with Mac, Gmail and Android?

  • April 19, 2022
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If you are using Microsoft Outlook for your email and calendar appointments, you first want to check to see if someone else on your network may not be running an up-to-date version of Outlook. Another possibility could be that a setting in outlook is causing it not to synchronize properly. Today, learn how to fix Microsoft Outlook not syncing on multiple devices, such as Windows, iPad, and iPhone.

If you are facing any kind of trouble making it work the way it should, then give this article a quick read, and we will see if it helps you fix your issue!

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Interestingly, the Microsoft support site contains numerous complaints about users having trouble getting Outlook to sync.

After using all the standard advice — turning off, restarting, and reconnecting — many users have found themselves with useless offline copies of their data that they cannot access until they spend hours redownloading emails.

The problem is so bad, in fact, that a forum post on Microsoft’s official community website has attracted hundreds of replies from angry customers who say—they cannot get their solution.

Creating or simply reading email messages on your mobile device can be cumbersome if you are not syncing properly. Please, try some steps to fix this problem. It might take a few minutes for the connection to be restored.

Outlook Not Syncing Windows 10

Follow the steps—

  • Launch Outlook. Navigate to the FILE menu, select ACCOUNT SETTING, click on CHANGE ACCOUNT, and check TEST ACCOUNT SETTINGS.
  • Then, press NEXT. These steps will test your settings, and a pop-up message will come if everything is working fine. After this, you can click CLOSE and restart Outlook to check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Outlook Not Syncing Android

Follow the steps—

  • First, check your internet connection. A stable connection is a key to having Outlook synced. So, reboot your phone and router, or put your phone on AIRPLANE MODE and connect again.
  • Second, launch OUTLOOK, click MENU, go to SETTINGS, open MICROSOFT ACCOUNT, scroll down to RESET ACCOUNT, and click on the tab. It should serve the purpose.
  • Third and the most effective step: delete your Outlook account and re-add it again or uninstall and reinstall the Outlook app.

Outlook Not Syncing With Gmail

  • There are two full-proof methods to correct your Outlook not syncing First, re-add Gmail. Begin by launching Outlook, go to FILE, select ACCOUNT, select SOCIAL SETTINGS, and choose ACCOUNT SETTINGS. Here, you are removing an account and readding it.
  • Second, activate the supreme Enable Connected Experiences. Go to your office account, navigate to ACCOUNT PRIVACY, choose MANAGE SETTINGS, and check to ENABLE CONNECTED EXPERIENCES.

Method to Solve Outlook Not Syncing Mac

  • We have the two tested and best Mac not syncing solutions like our other solutions. First, open the application, click PREFERENCES, go to OTHER options, and check SYNC SERVICES.
  • Now, uncheck every box and close the application. Restart and you will have your Outlook working again.
  • Second, brute-force quit Outlook. Click on the APPLE menu, have all the currently running applications, choose the entire lot except FINDER, and click on the FORCE QUIT button.

Further, if you are one of the numerous users suffering from this annoying problem, let us guide you through how to deal with it. One way to fix Outlook not syncing is in your region settings, so ensure they are correct.

Last, to share, please follow the steps to resolve issues with your Outlook application not syncing on devices. This can be caused by an out-of-office or mailbox policy affecting traffic between server and client computers.

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