How to Fix Your Outlook Not Sending Emails Messages?

  • May 5, 2022
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After a long tiring day at work, you came back home and you get some time to check your Outlook emails with your family, friends, work, etc. After reading emails you try to reply to them or send the new emails to someone but your Outlook not sending Emails. Now, what to do? In this case, we will provide you with some very easy solutions so you can fix the issue easily and fast and can go to sleep without any worry in your mind.

This problem occurs due to the storage of your email account in full if you have applied any filter if the internet connection is not proper and there can many more other reasons.

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How do I Fix Outlook Not Sending Emails?

Here we are telling you some solutions that will help you send your email without any hassle.

1. Try Re-Sending an Email

If your Outlook is not sending emails then you can file your sent email in the outbox in the outlook app.  From the outbox, you can try to resend your email. If it is sent then your issue is fixed otherwise follow the next step.

2. Check If The Outlook Status Is Online

Still Emails not sending in outlook. If your outlook status is offline then you won’t be able to send the email. To fix it you have to click on send/receive tab and on the right corner you will see the offline status. Click on offline and it will turn online. Now you can try to send an email.

3. Recheck The Recipient’s Email

Sometimes when you type the wrong email of the recipient your email will not get delivered. So, recheck the recipient’s email if it is wrong then retype and try to send an email again.

4. Create a New Outlook Profile

If the outlook profile is corrupt or damaged then you can get an issue sending an email.

To fix this issue, create a new outlook profile.

How To Create a New Outlook Profile?

  • Close Outlook
  • Open Control Panel in your PC
  • Search for mail on the top right corner search box
  • Under mail select the Profile option
  • Create new profile
  • Fill in all the details of your Email
  • When done, open outlook and try to send an email.

5. Check Internet Connection

Sometimes weak internet or internet fluctuation can cause issues in sending the email. Try reconnection the internet. Check your modem device and restart it. And try to send an email. But still, Outlook not sending Emails then follow the next step.

6. Check The Attachments

If you are trying to send a large attachment then check if the size limit exceeds or not. Outlook only allows 20 MB limit for internet accounts and only 10 MB for exchange accounts. If the size limit exceeds then try to send the attachment in parts.

7. Repair Microsoft Office Outlook

If any of the above solutions doesn’t work then try repairing your outlook.

How to Repair Outlook:

  • Close Outlook and other Microsoft Office apps
  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Programs
  • Open program and features
  • Right-click on the Microsoft Office app
  • Select repair
  • Select online repair
  • Once completed restart your device.

8. Enter Correct Password

If you have recently changed the email password then reenter the new password in the outlook app.

How to change email password in outlook:

  • Close outlook
  • Go to the control panel
  • Search mail from the top right corner
  • Under mailbox select the email tab
  • Select the email of which you want to change the password
  • Click on change at the top of the email box
  • Under password, option enter the new password
  • Click OK

9. Check For The Outlook Storage

If the outlook storage is full then also you won’t be able to send any email.

So, if the storage is full then try deleting the spam emails, sent items, and emails that you don’t need anymore.

10. Check If Any Filter Is Applied

If you have blocked the recipient or if you have applied any filter for the particulate domain or recipient then you won’t be able to send the email. In this case, go to filter and delete all the rules. And then try to send an email and it will work.

Why Is My Outlook Not Sending Emails?

While using outlook if Outlook emails not sending then it can be due to many reasons.

Let’s find a few reasons behind the problem:

  1. Email has a large attachment that exceeds the limit.
  2. The server setting for SMTP is incorrect.
  3. If you recently changed your email password.
  4. If the Third-party add-ins are enabled.
  5. If the Outlook mail server is offline.
  6. If the Internet connection is poor.
  7. If your outlook profile is corrupted.
  8. If the storage of the Outlook is full.
  9. If any filter is applied.
  10. If the recipient’s email is incorrect.

If after following all the above steps still the issue persists then try deleting the outlook and reinstalling it or try to call our Outlook email service representatives for better assistance.

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