How to Fix Outlook When it Won’t Open

  • September 30, 2022
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Whether you work from home or visit a corporate office, use a Mac, Computer, iPhone, Android, or any combination of those, you almost certainly have an Outlook account. One thing that virtually everyone does share, though, is the almost definite occurrence of a bug that prevented Outlook from operating as intended. There are a number of potential causes for Outlook not opening, which may have put a stop to your morning email check. The fact of the matter is that there are a few easy steps you can follow to identify the issue and resume normal operations.

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5 Effective Ways to Troubleshoot, if Outlook Not Opening! 

Is Microsoft Outlook not opening? If you are aware of the causes of Outlook’s refusal to open, you can scroll down to learn about potential solutions. Keep reading as we go over all conceivable solutions to this situation. The remedies provided in this section can be used to resolve Outlook’s problems opening and malfunctioning.

1. Make Sure Outlook isn’t in Safe Mode

When running older applications on Windows 10, Safe Mode is the best option. Microsoft Outlook, thankfully, is completely optimized for Windows 10, thus compatibility mode is not required. Activating Outlook’s compatibility mode may have you wondering what occurs. Your Outlook may have opening issues when you do this. Turning off Outlook’s compatibility mode is a good idea because of this.

Is your Outlook not opening on Windows 10? The simplest solution is to use the solutions below:

  • Click the Properties option in the right-click menu of your Outlook shortcut.
  • Make sure the “Run this software in compatibility mode” option is off by selecting the Compatibility tab.
  • Press OK after selecting Apply to preserve your changes.

2. Implement Alterations to Your Profile

The first option may fail. Even worse, Outlook could not even launch in safe mode. When this occurs, have a glance at your directory folder. Although it might malfunction, the Outlook profile includes all the settings. The following steps can be taken to resolve the Outlook is not opening attachments issue:

  • Click Control Panel from the Outlook start menu.
  • Select Mail next.
  • After selecting Display accounts in the Postal – Outlook chat box, click Add.
  • By selecting a new profile from the list of options when Outlook starts up and asks for an account to be used, utilize this profile.
  • Launch Outlook.

3. Look for Malfunctioning add-ons in In Safe Mode

With the help of add-ins, users may customize Outlook and improve both its layout and functionality. As a result, these add-ins are likely to be blamed if you have Outlook 2013 signature issues. It shouldn’t be a major deal if Outlook signature won’t open normally because the best course of action is to launch it in Safe Mode while making sure all add-ins are turned off. The solutions are listed below for you to use:

  • To begin, click the Windows icon while simultaneously pressing R. Enter Outlook/safe in the dialogue box after that, and then hit Enter or OK to confirm.
  • Select the default options and click OK once again if the profile dialogue appears.

With no add-ins installed, Outlook will now launch in safe mode. This aids in identifying add-ins that prevent Outlook from opening regularly. To identify these add-ins, you must complete the following solutions to resolve the Outlook email not opening issue:

  • Click File, then Options in the upper left corner of the Outlook window.
  • Select Add-ins from the Outlook window’s left side, then click Go.
  • Clear the check boxes and click OK to disable all add-ins.
  • Finally, shut down Outlook.
  • If you restart it successfully, it will notify you that one or more add-ins are broken. It’s time to find them by eliminating them right now.
  • Select the file and choices from the Outlook window’s left side. Select and activate each add-in one by one. After each reactivation, close and restart Outlook.
  • Does Outlook fail to open links? This suggests that the add-in in question is faulty if it occurs after a newly reactivated add-in.
  • To guarantee that Outlook runs smoothly in this situation, enter Safe Mode and deactivate and remove the add-in.

4. File Repairs For Outlook

Your emails, tasks, contacts, and events are all saved in data files. The outlook may not open because the data file is corrupted. There are remedies that can be used to fix the data file, which is wonderful news. Consider the following techniques to rapidly resolve the Outlook not opening attachments issue:

  • Look for SCANPST.EXE in the Office configuration folder.
  • Select the Outlook data file and provide the location. You may also use Windows Explorer to locate the data file.
  • By pressing the Start button, you may scan your data file. If any faults are found throughout the scanning process, choose “Repair.” All damaged documents in the Outlook data file will be fixed by doing this.
  • After that, import the updated files into your fresh Outlook profile.

5. Outlook Must be Updated

Before you install a new Outlook, try one more fix if your issues have not been resolved. It’s possible that Microsoft has already identified the issue and issued you updates to fix it. As a result, use Windows Update to update Outlook in the following manner:

  • Windows updates may be accessed by selecting All Programs from the Start menu.
  • Check for and install the latest Windows and Office updates.
  • You may see every Microsoft Office update that has to be made in the Update window.

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Outlook opening issues are easy to resolve. Knowing how to deal with them when they occur is the only solution. You may fix any issue on your own, including corrupt add-ins, Outlook that has frozen, corrupt data files, and many more. If you’re wondering, “How can I solve Outlook not opening,” the first step is to identify the source of the problem.

You may make full use of this well-liked email application if Outlook is functioning properly. Your Outlook will operate as expected if you use the aforementioned fixes.

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