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  • December 15, 2022
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123.hp.com/setup is what you are looking for at the point of time when some of the common HP printer blunders take place. This often happens when you try to work on any IT equipment and the same goes with an HP printer. So, should we need to worry about that?  No, there is no need to worry as we are going to share all the solutions as per various printing problems. You just need to go through this online journal and expand the level of information through this piece of facts and report.

Note: For instance guidance, you may dial a toll-free number 1-703-520-2686 and resolve your printing blunder in no time. 

https://123.hp.com/setup – Step-by-Step Guide

123 hp com setup is one of the options you can rely on whenever any kind of difficulty occurs while operating your HP Printer. So, if you are searching for the best possible solutions as per a wide range of printing problems, then you are in the right direction but before reaching any conclusion, let’s discuss some of the common reasons behind while your printer isn’t working.

  • If there is any kind of network issues, I mean if you are having bad network connectivity or poor connection, then your printer will not work properly.
  • When the ink tank of your HP printer isn’t full enough then there is a set of bugs you will find in the middle of the process.
  • Incomplete settings or any kind of changes will reform in the form of an error.
  • Sometimes an offline error takes place due to damaged cable or wires.

Methods to Recover from HP Printer Problems

There are multiple ways to resolve any kind of HP printer mess and some of them are listed here below so have a look:

Using HP Print and Scan Doctor:

  • Go to the official HP website and download HP Print and Scan Doctor tool.
  • Follow all the prompts after clicking on the downloaded HPPS.exe file.
  • Open the tool and check your Printer model number from the list of all HP printers.
  • Click on the preferred Printing device you are using.
  • Click on Printing or Fix Scanning depending on your issues.
  • Check for the bug again.
  • If green tick mark then the blunder is resolved and if the Red X symbol appears then the tool cannot fix the particular glitch.
  • Now try to overcome the printing troubles by following some other steps.

Note: HP Printers are capable to print photographs which may help in preserving all the memorable moments, so you print directly and frame those memories forever.

Additional Steps to Remove Printing Mess:

  • Check your Internet connection and rearrange the network for better printer performance.
  • Open the Printer settings and start covering all from A to Z options to rearrange and reset all the settings to default.
  • Run the Advanced recovery tool and try to overcome the common printing glitches anytime.
  • Contact the HP support team via hp.com setup and identify then fight with each kind of issue within the shortest possible time.

What to do to Connect HP Printer to the Router?

Follow these instructions: 

  • Turn on your HP Printer and press the Setup button from the screen.
  • Now press the Network option then go to Network Menu.
  • Choose a Network from the list which appears.
  • After entering the WEP/WPA passphrase press Done then Tap on OK Your HP printer has been set up now.
  • At the last, download a Printer DRIVER from https://123.hp.com/setup and start printing your documents.

Things to Consider for Smooth Printing:

  • Users need to check that the Printer head is clean or not, remove dust from the head and always try to keep clean it. Choose an automatic or manual way to perform this task. You can use a muslin cloth to start the cleaning process.
  • Try to print in Normal and draft mode so that you will get faster printing, when you choose higher Dpi or best quality mode, then you may face various printing problems.
  • Remove all the separators in the documents so that you will print black pages easily without any hassle.
  • Don’t give too many printing copies at the same time, it may jam your Printer from working or damage your printing devices completely.
  • Take good care of Printer’s cartridges and ensure they don’t dry out just because of less use of the equipment. You also need to replace the empty cartridge from time to time.
  • Choose a printing paper that is blank fully so that you will face any kind of difficulty while printing and receive a great print sample.

How to Setup HP Printer?

  • Open HP Printer package and take it out
  • Set all the accessories and keep the device on a smooth surface
  • Remove the extra materials covered in the equipment
  • Pick the Ink Cartridges and set them properly in the particular slots
  • Pull out the paper tray and load the suitable papers then pull it in
  • Time to connect the USB cord to the printer and power port
  • Turn on the HP Printer
  • Set the preferred language and other required settings
  • Try to print the papers now

How to Install HP Wireless Printer in Windows via WWW.123.hp.com/setup?

  • Go through all these steps accordingly;
  • Turn off your printer if it is not
  • Connect the Printer with the Wi-Fi device, if find any issue while connecting to it, contact the service provider
  • Now go to 123.hp.com setup and download the HP printer driver.
  • When the download is completed, open the folder where the file is saved. Click on it and follow all the prompts which appear on your system’s screen to set up the driver.
  • Now go to Control Panel and select Device and Printer
  • Click on Add Printer option when a new window appears then Next
  • Wait for a while and let your printer connect to the computer
  • Now try to print any document

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The Wrapping Up

This is one of the important pieces of content and we have crafted this post after gathering vast information taking from different sources. So, if you read this article fully, you must have stored a new level of facts and figures so use these steps in the future if ever find any kind of glitches and troubles.

Although you can apply all these solutions on your own what if you mistakenly fall into difficulty, there are several options available but choosing 123.hp.com/setup is best as it will allow you to meet the support executives directly. A team of well-trained and well-trusted experts is presented round the clock to guide you as per your concerns.

One of the ways to connect with the adepts is to make a call using a toll-free digit or visit www.123.hp.com/setup and start a live chat session with them. Share all your doubts and queries and find answers to your asked questions while sitting on your couch. So, don’t waste your time in the Do-it-Yourself process and get in touch with the printer support technicians anytime.


Q. How do I set up my HP printer using www.123.hp.com/setup?

A: To set up your HP printer using www.123.hp.com/setup, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your printer is powered on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.
  2. Open a web browser and go to www.123.hp.com/setup.
  3. Enter your printer model number and click “Begin.”
  4. Download and install the recommended software and drivers for your printer.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

Q. Can I use www.123.hp.com/setup on mobile devices?

A: Yes, you can access www.123.hp.com/setup on mobile devices with an internet browser. However, the setup process might be more convenient on a computer due to the larger screen and ease of navigation.

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